Shot Blasting Method

Shot blast machines are both environmentally friendly and a clean method of processing primarily horizontal surfaces.

Shot blasting machines are mostly used for large construction sites, such as parking garages, highway bridges and at airports. 

First, the surface to be processed is pretreated with a milling machine. This is followed by shot blasting. In this process, small steel balls are brought onto the surface at high speed by a blast wheel and immediately sucked back in by the shot blasting machine to enter the shot blasting cycle again. During this process, the surface is slightly abraded to become free of deposits and debris. The pores and capillaries of the blasted surface are now open so that the subsequent sealing or coating can be successfully applied.

The shot blasting process is characterized by excellent results, dust-free surface processing, a low price per square meter and environmental friendliness.

This is how environmentally friendly the shot blasting process is

The shot blasting machines are built in such a way that the dust produced does not leave the immediate working area. This has remarkable advantages both for the environment and for the health of the person operating the shot blasting machine. 

Likewise, the balls that irradiate the work area are returned to the shot blasting machine for multiple uses. This saves both money and material and ensures fewer waste products.

This is how a shot blasting machine works

The blast wheel is the most important component of the machine and is located in the blast wheel chamber. The supply of abrasive (steel balls) to the blast wheel is from the classifier via a flexible plastic hose. The steel balls are accelerated by the distributor fingers in the center of the blast wheel and thrown through the window of the fixed inlet bush onto the actual blades of the blast wheel.

The very fast rotating wheel generates centrifugal forces which accelerate the steel balls on the blades outwards and catapult them at high speed in a fan shape onto the floor surface to be treated.

The angle of the jet can be adjusted by turning the inlet bush.

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