Dust Collectors

Dust collectors from Wirths Strahltechnik are the optimal complement for our shot blasting machines. The combination of dust collector and shot blasting machine offers clean, precise work results for any size of project. Our high-performance dust collectors are available individually or with the matching shot blasting machine as a complete shot blasting system.

Our dust collectors are state-of-the-art industrial vacuum cleaners for demanding applications, wherever reliability and dust-free machine work are top priorities. Dust collectors from Wirths Strahltechnik are optimally adjusted to the most diverse requirements of industry and are equipped with HEPA filters for cleaning the air without chemical additives. By using a dust collector from Wirths Strahltechnik, you are planning sustainably and for the long term.

Dust Collector HFA 4/60

Our smallest dust collector impresses with its user-friendliness and robustness. It is a state-of-the-art industrial vacuum cleaner for demanding work.

Dust collector HFA 6/60

The more powerful HFA 6/60 dust collector offers you an air performance of 38 m²/min and works with 6 filter cartridges for clean work results wherever reliability and precision are paramount.

Dust collector HFA 9/90

With an airflow capacity of a strong 62 m²/min and 9 filter cartridges, our dust collector HFA 9/90, an extraction system of the highest quality, is your choice even for very demanding projects.

Dust collector HFA 12/90

Our HFA 12/90 dust collector is a real powerhouse. With an air performance of 62 m²/min and 12 filter cartridges, our dust collector HFA 12/90 is an industrial vacuum cleaner that filters sustainably without chemical additives and provides you with high-quality work results in the long term.

Dust collector WS 280 SK

The WS 280 SK dust collector is an extraction unit with a modern side channel blower. This avoids disturbing vibrations and ensures high stability. The user-friendliness of our dust collector will convince you in the long term, as will our excellent maintenance service.

Dust collector WS 460 SK

Our dust collector WS 460 SK offers you a particularly stable plant without disturbing vibrations due to the technology of the side channel blower. The high quality of our dust collector means long-term safety for you and savings in costs and time.